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“A small part of your job is 100% of ours.”


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A company’s brand promise is a declaration of its purpose. It’s the essence of an organisation. And it must have an enduring, relevant, distinctive benefit to

the customer.

Our brand promise reflects our one-stop-shop, solutions-based focus on helping our customers achieve their goals.

The logo

The logo is the most immediate representative statement of our company to our customers, vendors and the world. Please follow guidelines for use to ensure that our identity remains its impact.

The width of this logo should range from 60px to 300px. Don’t scale our logo smaller or greater than this range and always make sure it will perfectly align with the 12 column grid.

140 px

70 px

300 px

150 px

1 / 12

1 / 12

1 / 12

1 / 12

1 / 12

1 / 12

8 Rules for every marketing communication.

i.e. Are you showing the savings to the customer in a way that is impactful and easily understood?


Compelling Price


i.e. Is the promotion targeted for

this customer correctly?

Does it stack up against what

the competition are doing?


Relevant and


i.e. Does the imagery accurately

reflect the product

category you are driving to?

Is it obvious what the customer

should to do and why?


Consistent and


i.e. Check the purchase journey,

is it quick and simple to follow

leading to hero products as

quickly as possible?


Easy Purchase


Offers Easy

to Redeem

i.e. Are you being completely transparent about the nature of the deal?



and informative

i.e. Did you carry-through the promotional information to the landing page?

Does the email subject line highlight the deal?


Clear and

Uncluttered Journey

i.e. Are the expiration dates listed?

Is the offer seasonal or running for a limited time?


Sense Of Urgency

Detailed information can be found in the Commercial Playbook.

i.e. Is the coupon code clearly visible?

Have you defined expiration dates?

Have you explained the redemption process?

All the style definitions and common assets from this style guide can be found in an Axure RP 8.0 Template.

Please use this file as a starting point for your comps.

We welcome your feedback.

This guideline is part of an ongoing initiative to align and coordinate the Online brand platform and to communicate with a single voice.

We value your input, insights and experiences. If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, we want to hear from you.

Please reach out to the eComm team -

100 Schelter Road Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069